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Product Graphic Designer

Portalier Sebastien Hard product Graphic Designer

Part of my process is to prototype the racket design. This helps to structure my graphics and see how it lives on a real form.

Prototyping is a great tool to interact with the team and get the best product before manufacturing.

I use computers and 3D to improve racket cosmetics, but I really like doing things with my hands. I feel lucky to be able to do it in the Decathlon workshop.

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Apparel Print Knit Designer

Print Apparel Designer

Every collection, I imagine and lead the process from the initial idea to the final product in store.

There is various way to print on the textile : Print / All over / Emboss / Bodymapping / Knitting patterns. All these techniques are great to improve the value of the product. There are also several manners to print them: sublimation, silk-screen, traditionnal, etc.

Print Apparel all over Designer